I write this post to make everyone aware of what happened to me and is happening to a lot of people while playing “Curiosity”.

I chipped so many cubes in a row to gain a 30x combo and I gained up to 980k coins, I was 20k away from the steel chisel. What happened then? All of sudden I found myself…

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Hi there, thanks for the follow! :) You seem like a pretty interesting person, so looking forward to your posts, too.

Thank you for your nice words :) hope you’ll enjoy my future posts then

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Hotel in NY (Manhattan)

I would have never thought that looking for an hotel in NY was so difficult!
Even the most expensive ones seem to have something wrong. Some may be wonderful but from the reviews turn out to be dirty and not well cleaned (ONE UN), others seem like very cool and everything but rooms are small (Yotel), some are too far from the center, some have a nightclub right inside the hotel which causes you to stay awake all night long (The Out NYC) etc. I could go on and on.

I’m leaving for Manhattan in 15 days and I still have to find a GOOD hotel.
Will I ever manage to? I keep you updated.

P.s.: any advice is VERY welcome.

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I’m at Starbucks chilling with free Wi-Fi while I wait forthe next meeting time to come.

I thought I could do something funny: for the next 10 minutes I will look and write, as it happens, what other people are doing and what I imagine they do in life, who they are, what their dreams are etc.

So let’s start in 3, 2, 1:

There are a couple of guys sitting on my right they’re talking, I think they’re here at Starbucks just to have a lunch after the work. I think one of them works in a shop, he sells clothings.

Now a girl with a petition for the deaf and disabled people just knocked on the glass and showed me this sheet to sign, I told her to come inside… Ok, I just signed it. She also asked me for some money but I have no cash, credit card only, I’m kind of sorry for that. She smiled anyway and that’s good.

The guy behind me wearing those white Beats by Dre is looking pretty concentrated on his laptop, he’s probably an university student who needs to finish his work or some study related thing.

There are some Korean girls in front of me, I think they’re here on vacation, but I’m not sure, one is writing a text or something on her phone, she probably misses her boyfriend and writing him so.

A 40ish man just got outside the toilette looking pretty confused, uhm, what should I think?

A guy wearing white t-shirt as wondering around the place looking for a seat, I think he’s here on a trip with friends, he’s back again, he’s trying really hard to find a free couch, oh he found it


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Berlin week diary: day 4/5

What day is it today?

As I wrote on the introduction of this diary “There will be a time when I lose time-cognition”, that time has come.

What I can say about this day(s) is that I slept one hour here and one hour there, I ate something at 3 in the morning, something at 10 in the evening, I went to sleep at 11pm and woke up at 2am. These have been the craziest days of the week (so far…).

On the fourth day, which I won’t call with its proper day name because I don’t really know what day it was, I went to a recording studio to work on a couple of tracks of mine and spent the day there. Then after that, I… what did I do? Can’t remember. I think I went to eat an Italian pizza at Der Visionaere which is always good, I don’t know if I did that during that day but I know what I ordered: pizza with bresaola, cherry tomatoes, Grana cheese and rucola, and it was great as usual.

If I’m not wrong, and remember it correctly, while I was eating, a couple of friend of mine texted me to join them at the Berghain, so I went there to hear Saschienne playing live. It was one of the greatest lives I’ve ever heard.

Saschienne is a duo composed by Sascha Funke and his wife Julienne, they were really successful after their release on Kompakt. While Sascha works on Ableton bassdrums and percs his wife uses an analog Moog synth to make melodies and basses, she also sings every now and then during the performance.

After Saschienne live we decided to move to another club to hear and say hallo to some other friends of ours who played there, the club was the Stattbad and the dj’s were Clockwork.

The venue is amazing, it is basically a former swimming pool and they built this club inside of the dressing-rooms and the engine-rooms and you dance and pass through all these pipes. The biggest floor is inside the pool, so instead of the water you can see a crowd of people dancing inside an empty giant swimming pool, amazing!

Stattbad-Wedding Night Club BerlinPhoto by Evo Lucian

After the Clockwork set I went back to the Berghain, I stayed there a little and chilled. What you see when you’re inside the Berghain is something I can’t talk about.

So, yeah, I went into 3 clubs in less than 6 hours, and here’s how I can remember it:

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Berlin week diary: day 3

I was supposed to wake up at 11 something in the morning because I had a lunch-meeting with a great friend of mine, mr. Ferri, the man behind the Superlover project, Kassette Records, the duo Kassette Boys and (even if I know he doesn’t like to say this a lot) he’s the former owner and label manager of the renowned Berlin label “Autist”.

I had set the alarm before going to sleep but my phone ran out battery during the night so it didn’t ring. I was quite lucky to wake up only 1 hour later on my own, so we still managed to have our lunch.

We ate in a proper Japanese restaurant, to be true it was the first Japanese restaurant where I saw Japanese people eating there, and they don’t even offer sushi. The meal was very good and, seriously talking, also the water was, it had a great mineral-like taste. I would suggest you to try this restaurant if I could remember the name of it, sorry, maybe I’ll post the name in the next days diaries.

After the lunch we spent some time together at the JustMusic synth’s department, which is a shop I strongly suggest to visit if you’re into music (Pariserstraße 9, Berlin).

Ferri stayed at the synths dep. while I went to the next door studio department and locked myself into the speaker monitors testing room and I compared something like 30 different speakers. I’m planning to change mine because I’m not so happy with them. I was nicely impressed by the ADAMS A8X, it was so surprising to hear frequencies and sounds on my tracks which I didn’t even know that existed.

I was really delighted when while playing all my recent unreleased stuff and projects I’m working on, to test out monitors, the shop guys showed up inside the room to ask me whose music is the one I’m playing, and congratulated with me when I said it was just mine. I think it’s always good to receive such feedbacks by someone who’s involved with music for 6 days a week.

At 5PM I left the shop because at 6 I had a meeting at the Beatport offices which are on the other part of the city. When I arrived there Technasia was playing the uStream live session so I had a chance to listen to some good music too.

After his session and after understanding that Joris was going to land too late to wait for him to join us, me, Technasia, his wife and John from Beatport went for a Japanese dinner (don’t worry, I eat also european things… sometime). Meal was really good, John and Charles (Technasia) are really nice and funny guys so we had a good time. Now I’m still laying on the bed with a super-full stomach. I will probably show up at Watergate for the Joris Voorn set later in the morning.